Meetup#51: Nonogams solvers dojo

Proudly hosted by Elmar Reizen

This meetup was hosted by Elmar Reizen, which not only use Clojure(Script) for their websites, they also were a great meetup host. Thank you!

These are the notes from the regular Amsterdam Clojurians meetup. Next time, why don't you join us?

Code dojos are just the best

My favorite event at the Amsterdam Clojure meetups are always the dojos. Even after a full day of work, people fire up their preferred clojure environment and hack away the whole night to solve the problem at hand.

This time, the chosen problem was to solve nonograms, here's the presentation that was used to introduce it to the group:


Random highlights

The goal of the night was to exercise our Clojure kung foo, and as nonograms solvers are NP complete they make a good case for it since no one is expected to come up with a full solver in barely 4 pomodoros. Still, it was quite interesting to see how the different pairs addressed the problem, you can just have a look at the forks of this gist to see the results from that epic night.

Diffirent development environments were used during the dojo, as whoever in a pair provided the laptop got also to choose what editor / IDE / toolchain to use for the development exercise. Here's a quick statistics of what I've seen on the various screen:

  • Emacs: 4
  • Gorilla REPL: 2
  • Vim: 2
  • Cursive: 1

Now, I counted Gorilla REPL as 2 because that one pair was sharing the same worksheet, but it's still interesting that it has a similar user base than VIM for that small sample of Dutch clojure developers.

Emacs still wins by far the battle, but the picture still shows quite some diversity in the toolset people are using.

Carlo Sciolla is a Clojure fanatic, open source addict and technology enthusiast. He likes to organize stuff, and runs the Amsterdam Clojure meetup in the last years. He also likes to write about himself in third person. <> @skuro