Meetup #47: Bake your own Emacs

These are the notes from the regular Amsterdam Clojurians meetup. Next time, why don't you join us?

The 47th edition of the meetup was quite a great one, both because we had one presentation on the agenda (weeeee!), and because the crowd is getting really big, with around 20 attendees. We started with a more canonical presentation, then went on with more impromptu talks about random topics from Cljureland.

Emacs on stage

Coming from a Java background, Aliaksandr Kazlou experienced the cultural shock of switching to Emacs for his Clojure development. He was so kind to introduce Emacs to the meetup crowd, trying to make sense of it by building up from a vanilla istall with an empty init.el, then adding all the goodies function by function.

He went through a host of useful functions and packages, such as helm-recentf and cider.

One question was left unanswered: why on earth would anyone need Nyan mode?!

Random talks

As for all the meetups, the discussion started with someone shouting a question, then we all followed up with someone showing some code at the projector. This time the question was

Does anyone know how to use Schema?
Quickly enough, Jeroen van Dijk from AdGoji promptly hooked his laptop to the projector and demonstrated how they use it. We all agreed that, while quite an awesome library, Schema could do a better job at logging.

We then briefly discussed about some memory issues found when using neocons but didn't get much into the specifics of the issue to be able to tell anything about it.

Finally, someone asked how to selectively enable or disable assert invocations. Now, while it will respect the value of the *assert* variable, as assert is a macro you can only change its effects at compile time. If you're using leiningen you can include the following snippet in your project.clj to control whether the asserts will fire exceptions or not:

:profiles {:assert {:global-vars {*assert* true}}}
You can then activate the asserts by running
leiningen with-profiles +assert ...

That said, we called beer time and continued the geek talks at the Roest, as tradition.

See you at the next meetup!

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