A Misaki powered website

The first version of this website was a mere two-pages static HTML, most of which were just a cut and paste from each other. Besides being hard to manage and inherently bad (though extremely performant!), it was always meant for the Amsterdam Clojurians website to have an institutional website powered by Clojure based technologies.

Serving static HTML pages is the quickest way to scale at Internet levels, and Jekyll is rightfully all the rage when it comes to static site generators, with GitHub Pages pushing it to the maximum. Now, while Jekyll would have already been a great tool to serve our pages, it being Ruby was a bit of an idiosynchrasy with the core values of our Meetup, those of pushing and evangelizing Clojure and related technologies. We needed a Clojure alternative.

Blooming beautifully with Misaki

A quick search over GitHub provided straght out an interesting candidate: Misaki, admittendly a Jekyll clone written completely in Clojure and still under active development from his creator Masashi Iizuka. Time was ripe to migrate, and the result is the very blog you're reading right now.

If everything goes in the right direction, you'll read more on Misaki from this blog. For now, we will just send an enormous thank you to Masashi, and wish you a happy reading.

Amsterdam Clojurians is the biggest Clojure community in the Netherlands. Out activities started back in September '09, and we pride ourselves to never have let a month go without our regular meetup ever since. We are a free group and we welcome everyone to come and enjoy his time with a bunch of Clojure enthusiasts.